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How Does Chat Work?


Ace Chat creates relationships
giving site visitors the care they need, deserve, and desire.


With Ace Chat, your site visitors have general questions answered and obtain confidential, empathetic service right from your website - just as they would in your office.

A chat window pops up on your website, personally welcoming your current and potential customers.

Your customers will benefit from the intimate working knowledge Ace Chat Pilots share about your company and the services you provide. With this knowledge, we assess your customer’s needs, answer questions, and properly direct their inquiry to your team for further follow up.

Meet Ace!

We have experience in chatting for a variety of professionals and their businesses - and specialize in board-certified cosmetic dentists and plastic surgeons. We offer incredible support to your in-office team by minimizing incoming phone traffic and collecting and forwarding valuable customer information for any new leads we generate.

Subscribe with confidence to our professional live chat service! Enlist our Aces for real-time, live internet chat on your site by selecting a Monthly Option to suit your business and your customer service needs.

Call us in Denver, Colorado at 720-722-0223!

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Why does my company need live chat?

Expand Your Customer Service

  • Assistance outside your regular office hours
  • Deliver real-time answers for customer inquiries
  • Offer support through navigational assistance
  • Answer general questions
  • Provide an online persona
  • Generate new leads from site visitors
  • Provide prompt and receptive customer service for today's fast-paced economy

A personalized, positive experience at your company’s website is often the difference between a new customer and a nameless click!

Personalized, High-Tech Experience for your Consumers

  • Immediate, live assistance from an Ace Chat Pilot
  • Professional, knowledgeable support
  • A warm reception to new visitors and potential customers
  • Prompt communication between Ace Chat Pilots and your office staff to keep you in the know about your customers’ needs and potential growth

Online, live chat allows your company to provide immediate response, including personalized, up-to-date information to your current and potential consumers.

Why Should I Choose Ace Chat
to Represent My Company?

"I am 100% pleased with your service. I wish I could hire your team to work in my office. You can’t train people to care or think on their feet like your team does. That goes for every single person on your team...As I tell my team,
we have only one chance to make a first impression."
-Dr. Stephen Matarazzo
Quincy Smile Center


Warmth and professionalism are the focus of all Ace Chat. HIPAA trained and certified, we serve your customers and your company with prompt, compassionate care, reflecting your company’s image and personality beyond the screen of your customer’s computer – making them feel valuable and cared for.

Ace Chat Pilots act as an extension of your office, providing affordable, professional, and personal support for your company’s website.

Discover how we will serve you and your office!