A sampling of comments from the patients/customers of our clients with whom we have chatted in various industries:

“(Chat Pilot) made me feel very comfortable and welcome during our live chat session.  If your entire staff is as wonderful as she was, I look forward to being your patient.”


“Miss (Chat Pilot) was very friendly and professional.  Assisted to the pages that I needed, and connected me to the people best suited to help my situation.”


“Super impressed with your site and customer service as well!”


“I was very satisfied with the initial contact with your chat person.”


“(Chat Pilot) did a great job helping me out.  Thanks!!  I love online chat – it is so convenient.”


“Great personalized touch in the online chat.  Very nice!”


“Thank you for all your help, I feel much more confident now.”


“You guys have been nothing but kind, understanding and knowledgeable and I haven’t even been in for a consultation yet!  Thank you!”


“Sounds great!  Thank you in advance for all the help!”


“Wonderful to speak with someone live.  Very nice feature and helpful.  Thank you!”


“I am so glad that you had this service.  I was looking for somewhere very special for a birthday celebration and having this site available to me enabled me to handle the reservation and send out the invitation without having to wait until later on in the morning to scramble for seats.  Thank you!”


“Great web chat interface and very helpful, courteous representative (Chat Pilot).  Thanks!”


“Wow …. Live chat!!!!”


“This is an awesome service to be able to “chat” online, I love it!”


“I love the chat option! I had gotten on the website to find the phone number to call, but no need!  I could just chat right there with the office!”


“OMG!  I love this service!  Thank you soooooooooo much!”


“Very impressive.  And TWO weeks before my scheduled appointment.  And I could do this at night since it’s on the www!”


“Great customer service.  The live chat option is the best!!”


“That was a fantastically efficient, professional, and effective chat session.”


“Thank you very much.  I do have to say, this chat line is very nice.  This has been very pleasant.”


“I like this instant chat.  Yours is the first site I have seen it on.”


“Great to be able to ‘speak’ with someone before I make an appt.  Nice idea.  Made me feel so much more at ease!”


“This is amazing that you have a chat option.”


“Very professional (Chat Pilot) but very pleasant. More dental clinics, especially specialties, should offer the chat service.”


“Nice that chat is available when reception is not available, such as Friday.”


“This was a great use of the chat feature, btw. If you hadn’t sent me a message, i probably would have just clicked off the site and forgotten about it.”


“Thank you for this chat. It has already helped my anxiety.”


“Very informational chat.”


“Loving the enthusiasm by the way this was the funnest and easiest appt I have ever booked.”


“Thanks for the cordial and empathetic response.”


“Very good and great tool – instant messenger.  Thanks!”


“Thank you for understanding my situation. Everything about the live chat was great and fast! Thank you.”


“Very nice to have someone available for an immediate chat.”


“Thank you, (Chat Pilot).  I look forward to starting as soon as possible; I think you have helped immensely!”


“(Chat Pilot) was great and helped me!  I look forward to visiting this office!”


“Thank you so much.  I tried calling the office so I’m just glad I got you.”


“This was nice and efficient – I like this tool.”


“Very helpful to have online chat support! What a handy tool to have available for patients!”


“You have given me HOPE!!!  Thank you so much.”


“This chat is great. I got my questions answered and it’s 7pm. Usually I can’t talk to anyone except during business hours (when I am at Work) Thanks for this!”


“Thank you very much!  I appreciate this!”


“I was very satisfied with the initial contact with your chat person.”


“Very good service … thank you.”


“Great system.”


“(Chat Pilot) was very helpful.  Thank you (Chat Pilot)!”


“You have been very helpful.  Have a very nice day!”


“First time I have done one … was pretty cool.”


“Very informative and friend Live Chat!”


“Awesome experience.  Great support!”


“This is an awesome service to be able to “chat” online, I love it!”


“I love this chat feature.”


“This online chat is a fun way to schedule with my dentist.”


“This is cool to have instant response!”


“Excellent chat support from (Chat Pilot)!”


“Thank you (Chat Pilot) you have been very helpful.”


“Nice to have an instant answer.”


“Very helpful.”


“Thanks for the chat.  Very nice technology to have for communication and documentation.”


“You’ve been very helpful.”


“You have been really nice (Chat Pilot).”


“Very informational chat.”


“Helpful and nice.”




“(Chat Pilot) was pleasant and courteous and helped.”


“Was quite impressed to be told I will be getting a follow-up phone call to further detail my reasons for contacting your office.  Thank you.”


“(Chat Pilot) was wonderful help.  It was most appreciated!”


“You have been very helpful.”


“(Chat Pilot) was very helpful.”


“Helpful and nice.”


“Glad to see you use web-chats.  Good process.”


“Very good service.  Thank you.”


“BTW, nice format for chatting.  I have not seen that sort of service before on a website and I have been looking around.”


“Thank you you have been a wonderful help.”


“Nice to have someone to ask questions of.”


“Thank you for a quick response!”


“I think it is great you have online chat.  Very helpful.”


“Well, we’re off at a great start.  That will be all.  You have been most helpful, and I look forward to hearing from you guys and also doing some business with you.”


“Thanks for your help!”