As the 1st point of contact with your patients, we recognize the need for intense compassion for patients with fear and anxiety!  Some of these patients would rather endure the agony of a toothache then step foot in a dental office.  We treat these patients with understanding and kindness, listening to their concerns, acknowledging their fear and providing a solution to their anxiety by sharing the sedation options that you can offer them.

By extending the kindness of caring of your in-office team through live chat, we are able to build a patient’s confidence in your office, and most often encourages them to seek treatment for their needs.

Some actual post-chat comments from patients who suffer from fear and anxiety:

  • “I really appreciate the chat option. It really helped with my anxiety.”
  • “You have given me HOPE!!! Thank you so much.”
  • “Thank you for all your help, I feel much more confident now.”
  • “Great to be able to ‘speak’ with someone before I make an appt. Nice idea. Made me feel so much more at ease!”
  • “Thanks for the cordial and empathetic response.”
  • “Thank you for this chat. It has already helped my anxiety.”


Did you know?
Site visitors who participate in a live chat are 8 times more likely         to become a patient?

At Ace Chat, we offer a technologically savvy solution to capture the web traffic responding to your existing marketing and web presence. Our chat pilots interact in real-time with your established and prospective patients through live chat. Click here to see how our chat pilots will provide customer service for your practice and support to your office team.

  • Helps to increase your bottom line
  • Brings a human touch to your site
  • Updates your site to be interactive
  • Offers support to your in-office team
  • Instant response to customer inquiries
  • Convenient and compatible with all devices


Ace Chat provides three different live Internet chat options for your website to match the needs of your business in YOUR time zone! Click here to view your monthly options for the continental United States and Canada.